Paid Search

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Guaranteed first page rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing.  Increase your foothold in the search engines and drive targeted traffic to your website. Our specialized and experienced team can optimize and manage your pay per click ( PPC ) advertising campaign so that you receive all of the benefits of optimized PPC management without investing valuable time or resources into learning the system. We have the tools and knowledge to optimize and manage your entire pay per click campaign so that you receive the visitors you need to increase your return on investment. Spend time on the core competencies of your business and leave the internal mechanics of pay per click advertising services to us.

Google Adwords Account Set-up

Traffic Rising offers Google Adwords account set up, tune-ups, and monthly management to improve your ROI.

If you are just starting out with Adwords, Traffic Rising will create your account for you.

Our Google Adwords account set-up and creation includes:

  • Creation of ad groups based on your business objectives
  • Copywriting of ads for each ad group
  • Targeted landing pages for each ad group
  • Definining your conversion goals
  • Ensuring proper tracking and measurement is in place.
  • Montly maintenance and adjustments based on campaign measurements

Contact us to learn more about how PPC can help your business increase targeted leads.